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Current industry events and code enforcement measures from across the nation.

06.23.21 Williamstown, VT, approves vacant property registration ordinance

04.23.21 Hamilton, OH, approves vacant property registration ordinance

04.08.21 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposes foreclose ban till 2022


03.30.21 Frederick, MA, approves tax rate increase for vacant property

03.18.21 Altoona, PA, amended its vacant property registration ordinance

02.26.21 Atchison, KS approves vacant property registration ordinance


02.16.21 FHA foreclosure, eviction moratorium extended again

02.09.21 Vacant property registration ordinance approved for Wichita Falls, TX

01.15.21 Measure to fight blight receives initial approval in Shamokin, PA


12.11.20 FHA extends eviction moratorium into 2021 for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

12.04.20 Frederick, MD, approves vacant property registration ordinance

11.13.20 Janesville, WI, amended its vacant property registration ordinance

11.06.20 Amsterdam, NY, approves vacant property registration ordinance


10.28.20 Foreclosed, vacant property registration ordinance active in Sturtevant, WI


10.13.20 Property maintenance code in Sussex County, DE, amended


10.01.20 East Palestine, OH, vacant property registration ordinance limit extended


09.24.20 New vacant property registration ordinance for Baltimore, MD


09.18.20 South Bend, IN, begins owner notification for rental property registration


09.09.20 CDC orders halt on residential evictions for remainder of 2020


09.03.20 New York: mortgagee must repay mortgagor for registration fee charges


08.31.20 Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac approve eviction moratorium until 2021


08.07.20 Vacant property registration ordinance crafted for South Brunswick, NJ


07.31.20 Jackson Township, NJ, updated its vacant property registration ordinance

07.20.20 Curwensville, PA, establishes vacant property registration ordinance

07.13.20 Oscoda, MI, updates its vacant property registration ordinance

07.01.20 Matawan, NJ, passes vacant property registration ordinance

06.19.20 Vacant property registration ordinance adopted in Hampton, NE


06.05.20 Vacant property registration ordinance approved for Chardon, OH


05.21.20 Akron, OH, initiates vacant property program for unused vacant lots


05.15.20 The Mortgage Industry Pandemic Summit occurred the week of May 6


05.07.20 Allegheny County, PA, approves property ordinance fee


05.01.20 Missouri Valley, IA, extends rental property registration ordinance period

04.15.20 Reynoldsburg, OH, discussing vacant property registration ordinance

04.15.20 CARES Act temporary moratorium on evictions in effect until July 25, 2020

04.10.20 Washingtonville, PA, passed a vacant property registration ordinance

04.01.20 Huntington, WV, amended its vacant property registration ordinance

03.27.20 Congress reviewing bill for moratorium on foreclosures, evictions

03.18.20 Vacant property registration ordinance signed into effect for Timberville, VA

03.12.20 San Francisco, CA, adds commerical vacant property tax ordinance


03.05.20 Lewiston, ME, extends rental property registration ordinance to Apr 1, 2020

02.28.20 Vacant property registration ordinance deadline soon up in Toledo, OH

02.20.20 Sauk Rapids, MN, approves vacant property registration ordinance

02.12.20 Belen, NM amends vacant property registration program annual fees

02.04.20 Residential vacant property registration ordinance in effect in Sparta, NJ

01.31.20 Pasco County, FL, adopts rental and vacant property registration ordinance

01.24.20 Vacant property registration ordinance in effect in Berkeley Heights, NJ

01.17.20 South River, NJ, may change its vacant property registration ordinance


12.30.19 Racine, WI, passes foreclosed property registration ordinance

12.20.19 St. Cloud, MN, expanded its vacant property registration ordinance

12.11.19 R22 refrigerant can't be produced or imported as of Jan 1, 2020


12.06.19 Racine, WI, passes residential rental property registration ordinance


11.26.19 Vacant property registration ordinance approved for Topeka, KS


11.20.19 Vacant property registration ordinance approved for St. Marys, OH

11.12.19 Evanston, IL, proposes fee increase to vacant property registration ordinance

11.07.19 Springfield, OH, puts vacant property registration ordinance in place for 2020


10.30.19 Mortgaged property registration ordinance approved in Brookhaven, NY

10.23.19 Vacant property registration ordinance approved in Columbia, SC

10.16.19 Curwensville, PA, approves residential rental property registration ordinance

10.10.19 Lewiston, ME, approves multi-unit residential property registration ordinance

10.03.19 Bolingbrook, IL, foreclosed, vacant property registration ordiance in effect

09.27.19 Minneapolis, MN, amends rental property owner registration ordinance


09.18.19 Vacant property registration ordinance being considered for Oneonta, NY

09.13.19 Trump Administration offers plans to reprivatize Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

09.05.19 Vacant property registration ordinance approved for Watertown, NY


08.30.19 Jackson, TN, vacant property registration ordinance now in effect


08.22.19 Lawsuit filed against Omaha, NE, vacant property registration ordinance


08.16.19 Greensburg, PA, approves vacant property registration ordinance creation


08.09.19 Mendham, NJ, adopts vacant property registration ordinance

07.31.19 Egg Harbor City, NJ, amended its vacant property registration ordinance

07.24.19 Pine River, MN, changes rental property registration due date to Aug. 1


07.17.19 New Jersey enacts Land Bank Law to help handle vacant property

07.10.19 Amendments to Seattle, WA, vacant property ordinance now in effect

07.04.19 Albany, NY, amends vacant property registration ordinance


06.24.19 Denison, TX, considering rental property registration ordinance

06.20.19 Honolulu, HI, revises measures for short-term rental property registration

06.11.19 New Jersey moves forward on bill requiring vacant property registration

06.04.19 Fremont, OH, clarifies property maintenance code for grass trimmings

05.29.19 Ayden, NC, amends commercial vacant property registration ordinance

05.24.19 Abandoned, vacant property registration ordinance in effect for Bangor, PA

05.17.19 Wilmington, DE, to amend vacant property registration ordinance

05.10.19 New Jersey approves nine new bills to address foreclosed property

05.03.19 Tinley Park, IL, approves property registration for defaulted mortgages

04.24.19 Urbana, OH, renews efforts into its vacant property registration ordinance

04.15.19 Walker County, GA, amends nuisance ordinance for homes in violation

04.12.19 Vacant property registration ordinance being discussed in Watertown, NY

04.02.19 HUD charges Facebook with violations of Fair Housing Act

03.27.19 Amendments in effect for Rock County, GA, vacant property ordinance

03.20.19 Vacant property registration ordinance enacted in Coos Bay, OR

03.12.19 South Bend, IN, adds Rental Safety Verification Program ordinance

03.05.19 Short-term rental property registration now required in South Portland, ME

02.26.19 Utica, IL increases fees for its vacant property registration ordinance

02.18.19 Trenton, NJ, increases vacant property registration ordinance fees

01.30.19 Spencer, MA, adds vacant property registration ordinance to bylaws

01.24.19 San Francisco, CA, proposes daily tax of $250 for some vacant property

01.18.19 Rockford, IL, amends foreclosed, vacant property registration ordinance

01.10.19 Ohio group's effort to assist abandoned, vacant property owners, begins


01.04.19 St. Joseph, MO, adds residential vacant property registration ordinance

12.27.18 Cleveland Heights, OH, amends vacant property registration ordinance

12.21.18 Maryland's Foreclosed Property Registry updates take effect Jan. 1, 2019

12.11.18 Boarding for windows and doors upheld as prohibited in Philadelphia, PA

12.06.18 Pennsylvania's new vacant property foreclosure law in effect on Dec. 19

11.28.18 Commercial vacant property registration ordinance passed in Ayden, NC

11.21.18 Long Branch, NJ enacts abandoned, vacant property registration

11.16.18 Providence, RI, announces ordinance, fee for long-term vacant property

11.01.18 La Crosse, WI, repeals residential rental property registration ordinance

10.23.18 Hudson, NY, amends code, adds vacant property registration ordinance

10.19.18 Corpus Christi, TX, vacant commercial property registration removed

10.09.18 Vacant property registration ordinance now in effect for Sidney, OH

10.04.18 Edison, NJ, passes vacant property registration ordinance

09.25.18 Vacant property registration ordinance approved, in effect for Perry, OH

09.21.18 Dayton, KY, amends vacant property registration ordinance

09.19.18 Blight ordinance enacted for improved, vacant property in Riverhead, NY

09.13.18 Schenectady, NY, vacant property registration ordinance fees increased

09.07.18 HUD allots $12 million to improve safety for low-income tribal housing

08.30.18 Gainesville, GA, amends property maintenance code, bans tarping

08.21.18 Flossmoor, IL, establishes vacant property registration ordinance

08.16.18 Berkeley, CA, amends vacant property ordinance, alters nuisance terms

08.06.18 Baltimore, MD, registration ordinance for rental units now in effect

08.01.18 Peoria Heights, IL, adds occupied, vacant property registration ordinance

07.26.18 Clifton Heights, PA, sets vacant property registration ordinance into action

07.18.18 Auburn Hills, MI, adds rental home registration to City ordinances

07.13.18 Jennings, MO, creates vacant property registration ordinance

07.06.18 Hudson, NY, considering vacant property registration ordinance

06.28.18 Akron, OH, launches vacant property registration ordinance

06.22.18 Sidney, OH, review process for vacant property registration underway

06.19.18 San Angelo, TX, soon to establish vacant property registration certificates

06.09.18 Tarentum, PA, adds vacant property registration ordinance

06.01.18 Brick, NJ, creates mortgage, vacant property registration ordinance

05.24.18 Andover, NJ, ads annual fees to vacant property registration ordinance

05.16.18 Winston, OR, chronic disorderly property ordinance now in effect

05.10.18 Russell, KS, vacant property registration ordinance up and running

05.01.18 Database released to allow tracking of eviction trends across the country

04.24.18 Toms River, NJ, enacts vacant property registration ordinance

04.18.18 Babylon, NY, amends occupied, vacant property registration ordinance

04.12.18 Oak Grove, KY sets vacant property registration, upkeep program in place

04.03.18 Nebraska adopts Bill 256 for vacant property registration guidelines

03.27.18 Southington, CT, amends blight ordinance

03.21.18 Franklin, VA, approves derelict, vacant property ordinance

03.16.18 St. Louis considers amending vacant property building ordinance

02.27.18 Ocwen Financial Corp. to purchase PHH Corp. for $360 million

02.21.18 Plywood boarding for vacant property banned in Oyster Bay, NY

02.12.18 Vacant property registration ordinance established in Brunswick, MD

02.05.18 Hopkinton, RI, rolls out vacant property registration ordinance, database

01.31.18 Woodland Park, NJ, creates vacant property registration database


01.15.18 Hornell, NY, embraces vacant property registration ordinance

01.03.18 Reading, PA, properties declared blighted will not see fee increase

12.29.17 Klamath Falls, OR, vacant property registration ordinance succeeding

12.20.17 PHH Mortgage fined $119K by NY DFS for vacant property code violations

12.11.17 Springfield, MO, begins occupied, vacant property registration for rentals

11.27.17 Niles, OH, implements vacant building registration to mitigate blight

11.17.17 Roselle, NJ, revises abandoned, vacant property registration ordinance

11.08.17 Arlington, MA, commercial vacant property registration deadline is Nov. 15

11.02.17 West Milford, NJ, amends code for vacant property registration ordinance

10.24.17 Holmdel, NJ, creates vacant property registration ordinance to curb blight

10.18.17 Grace period for vacant property license in Sanford, ME, expires Nov. 1

10.12.17 Vacant property registration transfer rules amended for Painesville, OH

10.04.17 La Junta, CO, puts vacant property registration ordinance into effect

09.26.17 Lewisville, TX, vacant property registration ordinance takes effect Oct. 1

09.20.17 Vacant property registration fees now double previous cost in Warren, OH

09.12.17 Vacant property registration ordinance for Hamilton Township, NJ, revised

09.07.17 Duluth, MN, revises vacant property registration ordinance program

08.31.17 Janesville, WI, votes to create vacant property registration program

08.24.17 Wyoming, MI, online permit application for property repairs opens Sept. 5

08.18.17 Legal challenge to Scranton's rental registration should conclude soon

08.10.17 Columbus, NE, now requires general contractors to register with city

08.03.17 Senante Committee on Appropriations approves $60 billion for FY 2018

07.28.17 Evesham, NJ, vacant property registration program now underway

07.19.17 Missouri law requires rental property owners to register contact info

07.13.17 Lawsuit in New Jersey questions legality of vacant property registration

07.05.17 $127 million allocated by HUD to fight lead-based health risks in homes

06.28.17 Increased fees, registration rules now in effect for Township of Clark, NJ

06.21.17 Roselle Park Borough, NJ, revises vacant property registration rules

06.08.17 Maryland sets new law to fast track foreclosure process for vacant homes

05.30.17 Vacant property registration may be filed by County of New Castle, DE

05.25.17 Newton, NJ, joins list of municipalities with vacant property registration

05.18.17 Fannie Mae incentivizes home investment for people with student loans

05.08.17 $1 million in grant funds could be allocated to fight blight in Des Moines

04.25.17 La Junta, CO, seeks new rental, vacant registration code requirements

04.11.17 Hundreds of code violations results in Park Laurel being condemned

03.31.17 Secaucus, NJ, moves to join county-wide vacant property registration

03.24.17 Arcadia, CA, votes to allow 24-hour notice for city to enter vacant property

03.14.17 Middle Township, NJ, instigates vacant property registration ordinance

03.07.17 San Antonio property registration ordinance showing positive results

02.28.17 Salem, OH, clarifies requirements for vacant property registration

02.14.17 Nebraska proposes state-wide vacant property registration program

01.30.17 Citibank subsidiaries directed to pay $28.8 million in refunds, penalties

01.20.17 Muskegon vacant property registration fees double with start of 2017 

01.09.17 Ohio bans plywood for securing vacant property in favor of clear boarding

12.20.16 Akron ups yearly rental registration costs to go after negligent landlords

12.01.16 Los Angeles workshop explains changes to property registration program


11.22.16 Wilmington teams with local artists to creatively combat property blight


11.16.16 Vacant property registration program green-lit by Sutherlin City Council

11.11.16 Fannie Mae bans plywood boarding use for securing its vacant properties

11.04.16 Florida Supreme Court's recent ruling favorable for mortgage lenders

10.26.16 Southampton granted $175,000 to help rein in zombie properties


10.19.16 Vacant property registration ordinance approved in Jeannette

10.11.16 New Freddie Mac program to assist those struggling with home loans

10.05.16 Foreclosure actions in Ohio granted expedited option for processing

09.28.16 Huntington extends timeframe for vacant property registration

09.20.16 San Antonio vacant property code coverage extended by 74 sq. mi.


09.14.16 $5K forgivable loan offered to home buyers to live in home for 5 years


09.06.16 Real estate investment now trading under its own cateogory

08.31.16 Lancaster City approves land bank to purchase blighted property

08.23.16 Residents in Louisiana granted 90-day moratorium on foreclosures

08.10.16 Signs on vacant property must be registered with Sterling Heights


08.04.16 New Jersey township steps up VPR ordinance to curtail delinquency

07.29.16 Bill reducing time for property owners to address violations nearly law


07.20.16 Dayton area awarded $11 million to help demolish vacant homes


07.06.16 Registration approved for abandoned foreclosures in Beavercreek


06.28.16 Harvard study shows home ownership on decline, rentals increasing

06.22.16 Freddie Mac sells 2,879 delinquent non-performing loans

06.14.16 Tampa keeps vacant property registry in-house, no program changes


05.31.16 Plantation, FL, follows neighboring cities in establishing VPR program


05.25.16 Nome sets vacant property registration in motion


05.18.16 Proposed changes to HUD would shorten code violation timespans


05.10.16 St. Louis instigates 'Mow to Own' program to reduce blight


05.04.16 Greece, NY, pushes steeper fines to handle vacant property


04.28.16  Chicago clarifies plexiglass as viable securing material

04.20.16  First round of Hazleton property inspections underway, more to follow

04.13.16  Foreclosure industry sees decline in inventory in annual assessment


04.06.16  Portland ponders seizing zombie homes to diminish community blight


03.30.16  County considers allowing use of credit cards to pay delinquent taxes


03.24.16  City of Beatrice begins vacant property registration program


03.16.16  Jackson sells vacant property for $10-$50 to residents to fight blight


03.09.16 Manchester follows other New Jersey towns, begins VPR program


03.02.16 First Federal Bank of Kansas City agrees to pay for alleged redlining


02.24.16 Boulder mobile home owners lose property, system being reevaluated

02.18.16 Huntington agrees VPR program necessary to curb blight

02.12.16 Aurora unanimously approves amended VPR program


02.05.16 Fresno VPR underway, available online

01.26.16 Lower oil costs could lead to higher foreclosure numbers in 2016

01.20.16 'Exempt' home labeled abandoned causes revaluation of VPR rules

01.13.16 Charges filed against California home loan companies for exploitation


01.05.16 Town of Rising Sun creates VPR program after years of effort

12.29.15 Fayetteville ordinance to remove plywood boarding underway


12.22.15 Milwaukee transforms vacant lots into small parks


12.14.15 St. Louis adds more abandoned property to city land bank for auction

12.09.15 Federal Housing Administration sets 2016 loan limit schedule

12.04.15 Foreclosure inventory rates continue to decline for 2015

11.27.15 New York summit addresses foreclosure notification challenges

11.19.15 Omaha approves December start for vacant property registration


11.12.15 City of Austin attempts to revise tax code to for equal property value


11.03.15 St. Helens moves to prevent property decline via registration program


10.23.15 Las Vegas vacant foreclosed home rate continues to rise


10.16.15 Vacant property fees to increase in Oneonta, NY


10.13.15 Nutley, NJ, follows nearby cities, establishes property registration


10.9.15 Vacant property registration approved based on nearby city ordinance


10.8.15 Omaha, NE looking to VPR, demand accountability for vacant homes


9.28.15 Chesterton, IN now requires code violation for registration


9.23.15 Horbart, IN set to move forward with Vacant Property Registration


9.17.15 Stanhope, NJ clarifies 'owner' definition for vacant properties


9.15.15 Ohio town adds animal control to vacant property ordinance


9.8.15 New Jersey borough initiates strict plan to remove blight from the city


9.2.15 Baberton demands accountability, sets registration bond at $10,000


7.28.15 Harrisburg, PA set to increase fines for vacant neglected buildings


7.21.15 Cedar Rapids, IA moves forward with property registration ordinance


7.16.15 Merriville, Indiana explores vacant property registration


7.15.15 West Virginia city begins new program


6.3.15 Vacant property registration notice posting being phased out


5.27.15 South Carolina community pushes for tougher code enforcement


5.22.15 Rhode Island city opts to purchase, then demolish abandoned homes


5.19.15 New Indiana law expedites ownership transfer of foreclosures


5.14.15 Grassroot effort in Fresno leads to tougher VPR ordinance


5.8.15 Akron, OH to discuss giving vacant homes to recent college grads


5.5.15 Palmyra residents seek to increase costs for vacant property owners


5.1.15 New vacant building ordinance in MN County effects vacant homes


4.28.15 Changes for securing ordinances in Phoenix, AZ


4.23.15 New Fannie, Freddie program purposed for Chicago vacant properties


4.17.15 Chicago to lease vacant properties to Rebuild Foundation


4.14.15 New York city adds $5,000 bond requirement to VPR requirements


4.9.15 Difficulties with staffing forces PA town to outsource VPR program


3.31.15 Ohio village to track vacant properties for community rejuvenation


3.24.15 Hillsborough, OR code enforcement to condemn vacant drug houses


3.20.15 Kentucky town explores new vacant property registration ordinance


3.16.15 Vacant properties in NOLA to be auctioned off online to fight blight


3.5.15 HUD allots $150 million to aid persons with disability to find housing


3.3.15 Another borough in Armstrong County, PA looks to property registration


2.27.15 New approach for vacant commercial property underway in Akron, OH


2.24.15 "GetCast" show features Ascent in business innovation podcast


2.20.15 New Castle County, DE enacts registration based on escalating fees


2.18.15 Philadelphia explores increasing annual registration fees


2.12.15 Leaders from 95 cities in Texas meet in San Antonio to discuss VPR


2.11.15 Leglislative amendment in South Bend could change registration fees


2.05.15 Cincinnati to revise property registration code to fix flaws in system


2.03.15 Marple Township moves to end vacant property troubles with registry


1.29.15 Hillsborough County moves forward with foreclosure registry change


1.26.15 Casino closings in New Jersey cause township to propose VPR


1.21.15 2015 Guidelines rolling out for FHA first time homeowners


1.13.15 Moreno Valley seeks to join other CA cities with VPR to fight blight


1.6.15 Trenton, NJ on look out for errors as property registration starts


12.30.14 Los Angeles vacant property registration updates kick in Jan 2015


12.23.14 Residents vote to withdraw vacant property registration ordinance


12.18.14 Fredererick, MD studies other cities to develop new code ordinances


12.16.14 Eviction of families halted during the holidays


12.4.14 VPR ordinance showing positive results in Gwinnett County


11.28.14 Ohio town looks to Vacant Property Registration (VPR)


11.20.14 Program to curtail property deterioration moving forward in MO town


11.6.14 State law ends property registration in Tulsa, OK


10.24.14 $10,000 bond approved for banks with vacant properties in Lorain


10.21.14 Conyers moves ahead with vacant property risk abatement plans


10.16.14 Vacant property registration approved by St Clair planning board


10.14.14 Vacant property registry back on the agenda for Spokane City Council


9.26.14 Swedesboro to move ahead with vacant property registration


9.18.14 Saratoga Springs officials combat vacant property eyesores


9.15.14 Oklahoma State Legislature votes to stop state from using VPR


8.26.14 Holyoke, MA steps underway to manage Vacant Property Blight


8.21.14 Sparks, NV to expand code violations to include residents input


8.4.14 Government HomePath Program to end in October


7.30.14 Zillow buys Trulia in $3.5 Billion stock deal


6.8.14 Willowick, OH approves Vacant Property Registration Ordinance


6.4.14 Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae update for Chicago VPR compliance


4.25.14 Cincinnati, OH changes to vacant building requirements


4.8.14 Settlement reached on FHFA vacant registration in Chicago


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