Amsterdam, NY, approves vacant property registration ordinanced

Amsterdam, NY: Common Council has approved a vacant property registration ordinance.


Registration is required within 30 days of a property becoming “vacant”, with some exemptions for properties being actively marketed and maintained to Code, or that have suffered fire or extreme weather damage.


Registration must include current contact information for all owners, those responsible for the property, lien holders, registered agents, and also list of all information for the property (square footage, building age, stories, etc.) along with a building plan.


The building plan must provide details for the planned actions, and timelines, for the property, to include any demolition, prolonged vacancy, or rehabilitation. Any changes to the building plan and information are due within 15 days of the change.


An initial feel schedule will be adopted either annually or at any time during the fiscal year, per the ordinance, and continued vacancy will result in additional annual fees, based on the fee schedule adopted.


Failure to adhere to any portion of the ordinance, or to plans agreed to under the ordinance, can result in fines of $250 - $1000 or imprisonment up to 15 days, or both, per violation, with each new day of violation deemed a separate offense.




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