Vacant property registration ordinance showing positive results in Gwinnett County


Gwinnett County, GA: After struggling since 2010 with code enforcement for vacant property registration, with revisions in 2012, efforts appear to have corrected course having neighborhood protection and blight prevention results being described as “positive,” with better than 21 percent of properties defined as vacant structures having been registered since January 2013.


To fall under the definition of “vacant structure,” a property must not have been inhabited for at least 60 days, with no apparent utility use in that span, or be only partly completed with construction tasks and lack valid building permits. Property owners have 14 days from the time of being labeled as a vacant structure to register and submit the $100 fee.


New owners have 90 days from the point of transfer for foreclosed properties to register the property and pay the $100 fee. The fee is waived if the new owner registers the property within 60 days of the transfer.


Failure to adhere to the rules of the ordinance can result in fines of up to $1,000.


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