Foreclosed, vacant property registration ordinance in place in Sturtevant, WI

Sturtevant, WI: A foreclosed and vacant property registration ordinance was passed, and is currently in effect for the village.


The ordinance requires foreclosed/defaulted home, and vacant homes, to be registered with the village within 5 working days, with any changes to any information due within 20 days of the change; exemptions from registration exist for vacant lots and some federal property types.


A $300 fee is due at time of registration, along with current contact information for owners and those responsible for the property, and any court and legal documents involved with the property.


A physical inspection of the property, with photos, must occur within 30 day, with an additional inspection to occur at least every 30 days until the property no longer qualifies for the registry.


Failure to register, perform inspections, secure and upkeep the property to Code, notify of occupancy changes, and maintain current information, can each result in financial forfeitures for the home in the hundreds to thousands of dollars, plus legal and court costs.




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