Providence, RI, initiates ordinance for neglected, long-term vacancy fee for abandoned and vacant property

Providence, RI: The City announced its new ordinance relating to abandoned and vacant property, establishing a non-utilization fee to help quash negative community impact from those properties.

Per the approved ordinance, properties continuously unoccupied for a year can be deemed vacant and abandoned, if they fall into at least one of the following categories: is under continuous citation by City departments; is not being maintained or under active rehabilitation to return it to occupancy; is an empty lot not being readily maintained.

Owners of the given property will be sent written notification of the date of designation of the property as vacant or abandoned, and the date the non-utilization tax will be imposed.

The non-utilization tax equals the assessed value of the real estate at the rate $10 for each $100 of assessed value of the real estate, and will be due annually for the duration of the vacancy designation.




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