New approach to vacant commercial property underway in Akron, Ohio


Akron, OH: A different approach to handling vacant commercial property is underway in Akron. To stimulate business in the downtown area, traditionally a commercial hub of cities, Downtown Akron Partnership, a nonprofit organization, is pairing empty storefronts with would-be business starters for its “pop-up retail” program.


Properties in the area that have been vacant for an extended period of time can be leased for six-month timeframes to an applicant, for the purpose of running a shop.


Downtown Akron Partnership is working to ready the vacant commercial properties for occupation, with the intention of assisting potential business entrepreneurs and revitalizing the downtown area by encouraging other business investment; and hopefully convincing the temporary businesses that succeed to remain open in the location.


Similar programs have been attempted and are underway in San Antonia, TX, Buffalo, NY, and Dayton, Ohio.


The deadline to register for the vacant commercial property use is March 20, with tenants selected in April.


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