Wilmington, DE, plans amendments to vacant property registration ordinance

Wilmington, DE: Amendments to the City’s vacant property registration ordinance were approved for first and second reading by City Council, and referred the Finance and Economic Development Committee.


Some of the amendment details approved include:
 - Increasing the business license fee for rental dwelling units to $100 per unit, not to exceed a total business license fee of $10,120;
 - Requiring registration of buildings vacant for 6 consecutive months (rather than 45 consecutive days);
 - Imposing a civil fine of $500 for failing to register a vacant building within 30 days of the required time to register.


Owners of vacant property will still be required to keep all contact information up to date, to maintain the properties within City Code, and subject to additional fines for non-compliance with Code requirements.


The ordinance will go into effect July 1, if passed by Council and approved by the Mayor.




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