Fayetteville ordinance to remove plywood boarding on vacant structures underway

Fayetteville, NC: The city ordinance to remove plywood boarding is in full effect, with notification for vacant property owners likely to continue forward as planned.

As of Sept. 1, 2015, notices for vacant property with openings boarded by plywood or similar materials were sent out, with directions to remove the wood and efforts to rejuvenate the structure underway.

Owners may instead replace the plywood boarding with transparent plastic glass, so long as necessary efforts are undertaken to maintain the property to code.

An abandoned or vacant property can maintain plywood boarding for up to three years before the ordinance necessitates the repair or razing of the structure.

Once the third year has been reached, the city sends out notices to property owners to remove the boarding and make repairs within 60 days or face fines.

Fines for maintaining non-plastic boarding can run up to $100 per day.


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