New vacant property registration ordinance passed for Baltimore, MD, includes posting of a sign

Baltimore MD: City Council has passed a new vacant property registration ordinance.


The Ordinance requires owners of vacant property to register their property and post a sign with information about the property, on the given property.


Registration must include current contact information for the individuals and/or companies that own the property, for persons responsible for the property, as well as a description of the property.


The sign to be posted must be at least 8 ½” x 11”; weather resistant; in a legible font no less than 18 point; posted in a location visible from the street; and the information on the sign must include all of the details provided in the property registration.


Signs must be posted within 10 days of registration for the property, and any changes to any information on the sign must be updated on the sign within 10 days of the change.


Failure to adhere to any part of the ordinance may result in a misdemeanor charge, and subject to a fine of up to $500 per offense.




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