Willowick approves Vacant Property Registration Ordinance


Willowick, OH: City council members approved measures in May to set up vacant property registration for structures within town limits.


The conversation of registration had been an ongoing one since a 2012 city council meeting withdrew four proposed ordinances for addressing the registration of vacant buildings, notifications in foreclosure cases, demolitions, and inspections of uninhabited buildings.


The approved ordinance stipulates a different set of rules for residential and commercial properties:


Vacant residential properties are $150 for year one, $200 for year two, and a capped $250 fee for vacant homes in year three and beyond; fee increases apply only to consecutive years of vacancy.


Vacant commercial properties are $300 for year one, increasing by $100 each consecutive year to a cap of five years vacant at a $600 annual fee.


Typical VPR ordinance requirements were included in the measures – trash/debris removal, lawn care, structure cleanliness, etc. – in order to maintain the safety and security of the property and those residing in the neighborhoods of the vacant structures.


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