St. Louis continues to add abandoned properties to the city land bank for auction

St. Louis, MO: The city land bank continues to accumulate properties left unclaimed by previous owners and banks.

The Problem Properties Unit, an extension of the City Council’s office, has been finding abandoned properties left unsecured, overgrown, and posing health or safety hazards, then after no success with having the owner of the property instigate property rejuvenation, putting the property into a city land bank to be auctioned off.

Abandoned properties with code violations mounting and left unpaid, then evaluated to be a detriment to the safety and value of the community, can be foreclosed on by the city and added to the state’s sheriff’s tax sales.

The process is a last resort, where attempts have been made and found unsuccessful to contact the previous resident as well as banks in control of the property to see if any plans for bringing the property up to code exist.


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