San Antonio vacant property ordinance coverage zone extended by 74 square miles

San Antonio, TX: City Council voted unanimously to expand the scope of the city’s vacant property registration program.


Properties deemed vacant under the city’s ordinance must register annually, by Jan. 31, with the city and pay a $250 fee for single-family residential structures, $750 for all other structures, (both pro-rated for the first time a property is registered with the city) with an additional annual inspection fee of $0.01 per square foot, with a $50.00 minimum charge.


The area of coverage for the ordinance will now cover an additional 74 square miles of territory, including the previous 35 square miles coverage from the ordinance comprising the downtown, historic districts, and any surrounding neighborhoods falling within one-half mile radius of active military bases.


Property owners have 90 days from the date written notification was sent to submit full registration paperwork or face an additional $150 fee. Paperwork submitted in full within 45 days of notice to the property owner by the city can receive a $100 discount to the registration fee.




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