Property Services

The Ascent Real Estate Solutions property services division combines excellent vendor management services with client-focused delivery. Our diverse network of pre-screened, insured vendors submit estimates through our online bid management system, where our team of experienced bid analysts review each estimate for pricing, quality, and scope prior to client submission for review.



Home Renovations

We leverage our national supplier network to manage full home renovations. Our team of expert bid analysts work directly with our general and specialized contractors to ensure your jobs are completed on time and within budget.

Property Inspections

Our property inspections team deliver a powerful tool to manage large real estate portfolios. Through low cost and frequent inspections we deliver key information to protect our clients homes and communities they belong too.

Specialized Vendor Network

Vendor Services maintain a national network of specialized vendors to complete environmental testing and abatement, specialist inspections, land surveys and many other services that fall outside of the traditional preservation scope.