Sparks, NV City Council to expand code violations to include residents’ input


Sparks, NV: Ambiguity over what residents considered as code violations that were not at the time actual violations, has resulted in a reevaluation of the city codes.


A couple suggestions involved vacant property boarding measures requiring plywood coverings painted to match the siding of the property, as well as dead/dying yards to require landscaping to be presentable; i.e. not dirt.


Incorporating resident input to provide for a better overall city seems to be the primary goal of these revisions, rather than primarily to generate more funds for the city.


City Planner Armando Ornelas said, "The intent is to get compliance, not to write tickets."


The city council will meet August 25 to discuss the amendments and the proposed start date for those amendments, which is January 1, 2015.


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