Brick, NJ, creates defaulted mortgaged and vacant property registration ordinance

Brick, NJ: Town Council has established a defaulted mortgaged and vacant property registration ordinance, replacing its previous ordinance for property foreclosures, during its May 22 meeting.

Any property vacant for 30 days or more, or any cancellation of utility services, whichever comes first, must be registered within 10 days of the finding for vacancy. Part-time, seasonal, residences that can be documented for that purpose will have a 180-day period of vacancy allowed, before registration is required.

The mortgagee must perform inspections for properties before issuance of a notice of default, with additional inspections every 30 days thereafter, to establish the occupancy of the property. If a property is found to be vacant, the mortgagee will have 10 days to register the property.

The registration fee is $500 initially and for renewals, and due every 6 months within 10 days of the expiration for a previous registry.

Properties are required to be maintained and secured per City code, to be free from overgrowth, debris, health and safety risks, and vandalism/crime.

Failure to register, to pay registration fees in a timely manner, or otherwise not comply with City ordinances for maintenance and updates for defaulted and vacant property will be subject to late fees and a possible lien placed against the property.




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