Lewiston, ME, rental property registration ordinance deadline extended to Apr. 1, 2020

Lewiston, ME: The rental property registration ordinance deadline has been extended to Apr. 1, 2020.


The ordinance now requires all owners of multi-family rental properties to register their properties with the City no later than Apr. 1, 2020; within registration due again annually, each year.


Registration must include: current contact information for owners and those in charge of the property; current inventory of dwelling units and configuration; and current assessment of any items that could impact health and safety for the property.


A registration certificate will be provided post registration, and that certificate, or a facsimile thereof, must be posted, and remain posted, in close proximity to the main entrance of the property, in an area that easily accessible to tenants during the full period the registration is in effect.


There is no cost for registration, but failure to register can result in fines: $50 if not registered within 1 month (or portion of) since deadline; 2nd – 6th month $100 per month (or portion of) since deadline; 7th month and beyond $100 per month (or portion of) since deadline.




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