Woodland Park, NJ, creates vacant property registration database to help manage compliance with ordinance

Woodland Park, NJ: A vacant property registration database has been approved for creation by the City Council for the Borough.


The vacant property registration ordinance (Section 18-16, titled: Registration of Vacant Properties) will allow for creation of the database, becoming an addition the Borough’s existing code: Chapter XVIII Property Maintenance.


The purpose of the amendment is to keep track of vacant properties and hold owners accountable for their maintenance, as well as any neglect or blight, which will assist the Inspections and Code Enforcement Department to more readily act on reported and known properties in states of decline.


The ordinance itself went into effect at the time of adoption, Dec. 20, 2017, and all structures and premises (residential, commercial, industrial, and vacant lots) must comply with the amendment as well as the previous provisions of Chapter XVIII for property maintenance and inspections.


At the time of publication, the dates and full instructions for registration of vacant properties have not been added to the ordinance or published for public consumption.




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