St. Joseph, MO, approves amendment to create residential vacant property registration ordinance

St. Joseph, MO: City Council voted unanimously to amend its Code, adding a vacant property registration ordinance for certain residential structures in code violation.

The amendment would require any vacant residential building that has been vacant for 6 months or more, and that is in disrepair to be a violation of City Code, to be added to a registry and pay a semi-annual $200 fee until such time as it is no longer in violation and vacant.

Properties to be added to the registry are decided by the City after it inspects the property, and a notification for registration requirement and payment of fees will be sent to the last known address listed for the property owners.

Owners will have 30 days from the date of notification to complete any needed repairs in order to have another inspection by the City occur, in order to have the property removed from the registry and no longer subject to the fees and penalties for non-payment and registration.

Any registration fees delinquent for the period of a year or more are subject to the City filing a lien against the property, and subject to foreclosure proceedings after the manner of delinquent property taxes.




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