Belen, NM, amends vacant property registration program, revising annual fee

Belen, NM: City Council has amended its vacant property registration ordinance, revising the annual fee.


The amendment changes the annual fee for registering the vacant property from $25 per property, to 25 cents per square foot of the property.


A vacant property will still be defined as any structure not used for the intended purpose(s) of the structure for a period in excess of 90 days, or that has been deemed unsupervised and unmaintained.


Owners will still provide current contact information for themselves and a designated representative, plans for the property, and must maintain the property to Code for the duration of vacancy; changes to any information are due within 30 days of the change.


Failure to register or maintain a property are subject to daily penalties, and the City may file a lien against the property.




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