Cleveland Heights, OH, amended its vacant property registration ordinance, now includes $15,000 bond

Cleveland Heights, OH: The City has amended its vacant property registration ordinance, adding additional bond, maintenance, and fee requirements.

The revised ordinance requires registration within 60 days of any structure becoming vacant or which has already been vacant, with registration remaining valid through Dec. 31 of the given year of registration; and renewal for continued vacancy due by Jan. 1 of each year for as long as the property remains vacant.

The registration must include current contact information for those in charge of the property, and the fee is set at $100 per property registered; any changes to any information submitted during registration is due within 20 days of said change to the information, to the Commissioner of Buildings or such designees.

Along with the other requirements for registering a home, per the ordinance revisions, any plaintiff involved in a foreclosure action (meeting the requirements of City Code: Subsection 1351.33 c) must submit a cash bond in the sum of $15,000 to “secure the continued maintenance of the property throughout its vacancy and remunerate the City for any fees owed and expenses incurred in inspecting, securing, repairing and/or making such a building safe by any legal means including, but not limited to, demolition.”

Additionally, an “annual administrative fee of One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1,500.00) will be deducted from the bond by the City for administrative expenses including, but not limited to, the processing, accounting, inspecting, securing, and other related functions inherent in the administration of the foreclosure bond,” per the amendments adopted.




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