Mendham, NJ, adopts vacant property registration ordinance

Mendham, NJ: An abandoned and vacant property registration ordinance has been adopted, and is currently in effect.


Any property that becomes vacant must pay a fee and be registered with the City within 30 days, or re-registered within 30 days of transfer of ownership for a vacant property, or within 10 days of notice by the City of the property being deemed vacant. Registration renewal is required annually by Jan. 31.


Properties already vacant before adoption of the ordinance have 60 days to register the property and pay fees.


Registration and renewals requires current contact information for all owners for the property; an assigned representative for the property, to be available 24/7 for any needed contact; and an inspection of the exterior of the property by the City to determine if there are any code violations.


Initial registration carries a fee of $250. The first renewal for the property has a $500 fee, with the second through fifth renewal at $1,000 per year, and all years after the fifth being $5,000 per year per property. 


All vacant properties must be secured and maintained to City Code, have utilities turned off and mail delivery cease during the vacancy, and maintain current contact information posted at the property for person(s) in charge of the property’s upkeep; the contact information posting must be visible from the nearest sidewalk/street.


Violation of any part of the ordinance is subject to a fine of $500 - $1,000 per violation, with each day a violation is unresolved constituting a new fine; fines assessed will be a lien against the property.




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