Springfield, OH, puts vacant property registration ordinance in place for 2020

Springfield, OH: A vacant property registration ordinance has been approved, and will take effect Jan. 1, 2020.


Per the details, a property is considered vacant if has been or becomes unoccupied for 90 days or greater; some properties may be exempt from the process, such as properties maintained with intent to return and shown to be seasonal homes

Any vacant property must be registered within 30 days of the vacancy trigger occurring, pay a $100 fee, and will require annual re-registration for the duration of the vacancy; exemptions may apply if active plans for demolition of the property are discussed.


Properties registered must include current contact information for those responsible for the property, a statement of intent, as well as inspections must occur to update the City of the property condition, and upkeep to Code must be maintained for the property or be in progress of repairs within an agreed timeframe for completion.


Failure to adhere to any sections of the ordinance, or maintenance requirements, can result in penalties accrued at a daily rate.




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