St. Cloud, MN, expanded its vacant property registration ordinance to include all unoccupied properties

St. Cloud, MN: City Council has amended its vacant property registration ordinance to include all properties in the City, instead of just residential properties.


The vacant building registration ordinance was passed in 2016, setting a requirement to register any vacant residential building within 90 days of vacancy, provide current contact information for owners and those responsible for the property, maintain the property to City Code, provide a plan for the property, provide utility status and details of property, provide proof of liability insurance, and pay a registration fee, due annually, for the duration of the vacancy.


A vacant property is defined as any property unoccupied and any of the following: foreclosed on; or with delinquent taxes / fees owed; or at least 2 reports of criminal activity on the property; or has acquired 3 or greater property-related violations within the past 12 months; or has had multiple property-related violations existing, unresolved, and notices sent, for greater than 30 days; or the premises posted as unsafe to occupy.


Changes to any information or ownership are due within 15 days of the change, and failure to adhere to any sections of the ordinance or failure to maintain the property to Code can be subject to a misdemeanor penalty and any administrative fees as provided under City Code.


The expansion items will keep with the previous ordinance requirements, and the additions will take effect Jan. 1, 2020.




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