Sauk Rapids, MN, approves vacant property registration ordinance

Sauk Rapids, MN: A vacant property registration ordinance has been approved, amending the City’s property maintenance code.


The ordinance establishes a vacant property as any commercial building having been either: unoccupied and unsecured for 3 or more days; having been unoccupied and secured by other than normal means for 30 or more days; having been unoccupied and secured by normal means for 180 or more days; or posted for no occupancy.


Registration for any vacant building is due within 30 days, with annual renewal, and payment of a fee to be established by the City fee schedule.


Registration requires current contact information for those responsible for the property, statement of when the property went vacant and the expected duration of the vacancy, and a plan for returning the property to occupancy or for demolition.


Owners for vacant property must also provide access to the Building Inspector, and failure to comply with any parts of the ordinance or City Code could result in enforcement actions by the City.




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