Vacant property notification postings contributed to crime, so use of such postings is being tossed out


New Port Richey, FL: Notifications posted on vacant properties were increasing criminal activity instead of assisting to combat blight. As such, the notification of vacancy posting is being scrapped.


Lien holders must still register a property with the county, and in noting the vacant or abandoned status must still keep the property in line with ordinance measures.

However, the posting notification that previous allowed residents to readily identify a vacant home falling out of code would no longer be posted, so as not to readily identify the property for would-be criminals as to the property being an ideal place for illicit activities.


Adding to the proposed change is an extension of the registry and maintenance requirements throughout the foreclosure process and into the actual sale of the property.


In doing so, the likelihood would be significantly reduced for a property slipping into or back into disrepair while paperwork and processing measures that often add ambiguity to liability for property maintenance are resolved.


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