Akron, OH, initiates vacant property program for taking ownership for free of vacant lots

Akron, OH: The Mayor has launched a vacant property program for property owners to acquire unused vacant lots, for free, in an effort to help combat vacancy, abandonment, and blight issues.


The Akron Neighborhood: Mow to Own program will allow vacant lots owned by the City to be acquired by property owners that apply, and by then taking up the mowing and general maintenance for those unused lots.


Per a release from the Downtown Akron Partnership: “Applicants must be current on their own real estate taxes, have no outstanding property violations, and priority will be given to applicants who own and occupy a home immediately adjacent to the eligible lot. Non-profit organizations may also be eligible to apply … Additionally, applicants must have any rental properties registered with Akron’s Rental Registration Program.”


Applications are due by June 15, and applicants that applied and took on a vacant lot will be responsible for the lot from June until end of November, 2020, with regular inspections during the dates; applicants will be informed if they have been approved for a vacant lot by June 30.




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