Greece, NY, pushes steeper fines, registration, to gain a handle on vacant property problems

Greece, NY: The City Council is considering an amendment with steep costs to assist with current vacant and abandoned property problems in the town.


In order to undertake a foreclosure, a bank or lender would have to begin by giving the city a $10,000 bond. Failure to comply with the bond provision from the outset of the foreclosure cycle process could result in a $5,000 fine.


In addition to the new bond for properties entering the foreclosure cycle, future and current vacant or abandoned property owners failing to uphold the provisions of Greece’s Property Maintenance Code will face increased fines, and must provide updates to the city as to the vacancy status of properties, in short order.


Supervisor Bill Reilich, in a release on the Town of Greece website, said, “It is our commitment in fostering continued pride in our community and our neighborhoods that we are taking an aggressive approach in dealing with these vacant and abandoned properties. The proposed amendment would create another strong tool for our Town Code enforcement department to address and enforce the existing property maintenance code and provide additional oversight and stricter fines on vacant structures in our town.”




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