Evesham Township, NJ, vacant property registration program currently underway

Evesham Township, NJ: The vacant property registration program is up and running, in its first months after unanimous passage by the City Council.


The owner of any vacant property has 30 days to file a registration statement with the Township clerk, beginning from the date a property becomes vacant or the date upon which ownership is transferred of a vacant property; if the notice is filed by the Township, the owner will have only 10 days to register.


The status of a property as “vacant” is defined in the Township of Evesham Ordinance 8-4-2017 as: a building, structure, property or unimproved land that is unoccupied or not legally occupied.


Annual registration fees, due by Jan. 1 of each year, are $500 initially, with first renewal $1,500, second renewal $3,000, and any further renewals $5,000.


Properties will also be subject to inspection by the Township, to determine if the properties are up to city code, and must be secured and cleaned up, with upkeep, by the owner.


Any violation of any section of the requirements for registration, securing, and upkeep, are subject to fines from $100 minimum to $1,000 maximum for each violation, each day. Each day a given violation persists, will add an additional daily fine for that violation, to the previous violation total fine.




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