Ascent Real Estate Solutions was thankful to attend the Mortgage Industry Pandemic Summit

Nation: The online-only Mortgage Industry Pandemic Summit occurred during the week of May 6, 2020, and Ascent Real Estate Solutions had the privilege to attend.


The Summit was hosted by Altisource and Lenders One, and partnered with Five Star, MBA, Forrester and National Mortgage News.


A diverse panel of industry experts shared their perspectives on the state of the industry, given the COVID-19 pandemic.


Topics of discussion included how banks and businesses are handling it, projections for what to expect going forward in 2020, and advice on keeping your business and those you interact with healthy both mentally and physically during these trying times.


The overall impression from the Summit was a positive one, where all parties are working to keep things a normalized as possible for vacant and occupied properties, and the highlights of how well a mobile or online work environment was succeeding despite the rapid shifts in processes, was very refreshing.




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