Vacant property registration program all but agreed upon, yearly registration fee remains under debate


Hobart, IN: To cover costs associated with managing vacant properties, City Council is discussing a vacant property registration program.


Cities in nearby areas are being used for comparison for program details, though the prime topic of discussion is the fee structure.


Other programs have costs for registration of vacant properties as low as $100. However, as costs can vary from city to city due to layout, stretched budgets or personnel application, and familiarity with measures for dealing with blight, the charge for yearly registration has been projected at up to $500.


Representatives are in agreement of at least one detail, due to the brunt of vacant properties being owned by banks—which are then, often-times, located out of state—setting up a program is a necessary step forward so contact can be made to quash building decline before further property decline and safety issues occur for the rest of the community.


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