Vacant property registration transfer of ownership rules, fees owed amended in Painesville, OH

Painesville, OH: The vacant property registration ordinance was amended and is in effect to extend the registration window for new owners of a property and revise the fees owed for vacant property transfers.

The revisions to the ordinance give new owners 90 days, instead of the previous 30, to register when a transfer of ownership for a vacant property occurs; if that property remains vacant after transfer.


The new owner will not have to pay fees if fees for registration were already paid prior to transfer, and fees will be due for the new owner based on the original date of the property being reported as vacant.

The previous requirement for external and internal inspections with the City upon the yearly re-registration was removed from the code, as well as removal of the previous requirement for an inspection at the time of any transfer of ownership.

The annual fees of $200.00 for initial registration of residential and $400.00 for commercial, and the previous year’s fee doubled for each subsequent year of registration (to a maximum of $3,200.00 and $6,400.00, respectively), remain the same.

Late fees, which are charged at one fourth the annual registration fee total, were amended to remove the previous cap of $1000.00; with fees assessed prior to the amendment remaining under the rules for the pre-amendment cap of $1,000.00.




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