Fremont, OH, clarifies property code ordinance regarding grass trimmings left on roadways

Fremont, OH: The City will be putting more emphasis on enforcing its property maintenance ordinance regarding roadway obstructions and injurious materials.

In an announcement on the City’s Facebook page, Mayor Danny Sanchez clarified that grass trimmings on roadways are an “injurious material,” and leaving them is illegal under City Code.

Ordinance 311.01 makes it a misdemeanor offense in the first degree to place “injurious material” in the street; which would include leaves, grass trimmings, sticks/trigs/branches, and debris.

Grass trimmings strewn onto the roadway make for an unnecessarily slippery surface, along with other lawn leavings and debris, and are therefore considered notable safety hazards for motorcyclists, as well as other vehicles.




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