Long Branch, NJ, enacts abandoned, vacant property registration to help curb blight

Long Branch, NJ: City Council approved an abandoned and vacant property registration ordinance, as well as requiring maintenance of properties in the foreclosure process.

An abandoned property is defined by the City as not having been legally occupied for at least 6 months and at least one of the following:
1. The property is in need of rehabilitation, and no rehabilitation has been reasonably attempted in 6 months.
2. Construction was begun, but not completed, and has not been underway for at least 6 months, leaving the building unsuitable for occupancy.
3. One or more installments of property tax are delinquent>
4. The property has been termed a “nuisance,” per the City’s Code.

Any property added to the abandoned and vacant property registry will require an owner to supply a plan to the City for rehabilitation, resolution of violations, and payment of all past fees, or can be subject to actions by the City for necessary rehabilitation, have liens placed against the property, and sale or transfer actions, in order to maintain public health, safety, and reduce further community devaluation.

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