South Bend, IN, adds Rental Safety Verification Program, bolstering landlord property registration ordinance

South Bend, IN: The City’s Rental Safety Verification Program property ordinance has been signed into law, regulating rental properties throughout the City.

Property owners seeking to continue to offer rental properties must apply for an inspection with the City, and once passed, will be issued a Certificate of Rental Safety. Per the City release, “Inspectors will not be looking for cosmetic repairs, but will focus on verifying compliance with basic safety standards.”

The inspector’s assessment will be based on Department of Housing and Urban Development’s eight guidelines for “Healthy Homes for Healthy Families”; noting: the property owner, or designated agent of the owner, must be present during the inspection.

If the property does not pass inspection, the property owner will be notified of violations, provided time to make repairs, and required to schedule a re-inspection. Certificates of Rental Safety will be for durations of 1 – 5 years, based on the findings and recommendations of the inspector.

The new measures are in addition to the City’s non-owner-occupied rental property registration program, which requires yearly registration renewal and updating of any information changes within 30 days of such a change, or possible fines of $300 per violation may be incurred.




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