Huntington agrees VPR program necessary to curb blight 

Huntington, WV: City Council is in agreement to instigate a vacant property registration program, and discussion for base rules is underway.

The initial step agreed upon is a requirement for property owners to notify the city if any property has been vacant for 30 or more days. That notification will trigger inclusion on the city’s registry of vacant properties.

If a property sits vacant for a year, it will trigger an annual fee system with the city; fees with increase incrementally based on the number of years it remains vacant.

Fees collected will be used for general city costs for keeping properties from further blighting neighborhoods, as well as to assist property owners with finding a method to make the property occupied once again.

Further redevelopment plans involving the registry requirements and offerings are under discussion, with a timeframe of beginning the rejuvenation process being as soon as possible.




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