Clifton Heights, PA, sets vacant property registration ordinance into action

Clifton Heights, PA: The Borough has established a vacant property registration ordinance in an effort to further promote health and safety.

According to Ordinance 861, any property vacant for greater than 30 days are required to register the property with the Borough within 30 days of notice, supply all service details as well as any known hazards, and designate an in-state property manager if the owner is not already in the state.

Residential properties have a $300 registration fee, while commercial properties have a $500 fee.

All registration and fees are due by Sept. 15 of each year, and at the Chief Code Enforcement Officer’s discretion, a $130 property inspection fee may also occur in order to establish further issues afflicting the property.

Any unpaid registration and/or inspection fees may result in a lien being imposed against the property.




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