City offers up vacant property for sale to home owners for $10-$50 to alleviate blight, rejuvenate neighborhoods 

Jackson, MS: City Council approves sale of vacant properties owned by the city to community groups to assist with beautification and blight combat projects.


There are approximately 4,000 city- or state-owned vacant properties in Jackson that are generally viewed as too unappealing to sell at general auction, according to statements from council members.


Properties include both vacant lots and lots with structures in various states of disrepair.


The properties can be purchased by home owners or groups of residents living on the same street as the properties for the cost of $10 for vacant lots and $50 for lots with structures. Residents renting property or home owners that do not reside in the home on the actual street of the vacant properties are ineligible to purchase lots.


New property owners will have 60 days from purchase to clean up the property and put into motion plans to rejuvenate it or the property could come back under the control of the city.


The goal is to prevent properties from falling into disrepair, to diminish city costs due to looking after such properties, and to allow community groups the opportunity to rejuvenate areas in which they live in manners they see fit a la parks or gardens or such transformations of the vacant properties.




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