New Missouri law requires rental property owners to register current contact information

Missouri: Rental/lease properties in certain cities must be registered with current contact information, under the new law signed into place July 11 by Governor Eric Greitens.

According to the text of Senate Bill No. 111 section A 347.048, any limited liability company with rental/lease property in any home rule city with population more than 400,000 and located in more than one county, or population between 116,000 - 150,000 in a home rule city, must file an affidavit with the given city’s clerk with the current contact information for at least one person responsible for the property’s management.

There is no fee for filing the affidavit, but penalties may be imposed, with petitions filed with the circuit court of the county, to help resolve any issues. If any changes to the contact information occur, updating or changing of hands of the property, a revised affidavit must be filed within 30 days.

With the new system in place, cities can more readily respond to complaints of dilapidated property, and move forward with possible remedies should property owners not voluntarily and readily provide information or attempt to resolve issues as they arise at their properties.



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