Vacant property registration ordinance now in effect for Sidney, OH

Sidney, OH: The vacant property registration ordinance passed and is now in effect, after review and deliberation by City Council over the summer.

The ordinance stipulates registration required within 30 consecutive days of vacancy, or by City notification, with registration fees paid at that time. If any registration form is filed late, a late fee will be levied, in addition to the registration fee, of either $1,000 or the amount of that year’s registration fee, whichever is less.

Residential property registration fees are $200 for the first year, doubling each year to a cap of $3,200 for the fifth and each following year. Commercial property fees are $400 for the first year, doubling each year to a cap of $6,400 for the fifth and each following year. Fees do not reset if the property is transferred to a new owner.

A property for sale or lease and listed with a real estate agency may be granted exemption of 12 months from the point of vacant, if proof of listing is provided promptly; with other possible exemptions allowed for proof of in progress rehabilitation with a plan for resolution, or other extenuating circumstances.

An interior and exterior inspection is required at the start of the first registration period for any property, and when the property leaves the registry. An exterior inspection is required at least every 6 months, and additional interior inspections are required every 36 months for residential properties and every 12 months for commercial property.

Failure to register, allow for inspections, or otherwise violate the maintenance or other requirements for the properties can be fined up to a $500 for each offense, with each day an offense is not addressed triggering a new fine to be added to the total.




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