South Bend, IN, begins notification to owners for needed rental property registration

South Bend, IN: The City will begin sending letters to landlords for needed rental property registration.


Under The South Bend Landlord Registration Program, owners or landlords of rental units within the City were supposed to have voluntarily registered their properties, beginning in 2016, and registration renewals due by September 1 of each year.


The South Bend Tribune reported on September 17, that only “50 landlords had registered 695 properties, which is about 4% of the city’s estimated 17,000 rental units.”


If property owners are not registered by December 2020, the City could begin issuing $300 fines for noncompliance, for each rental unit; with incomplete registration subject to a civil penalty of $100, false information subject to $500 penalty, and failure to re-register annually a$300 penalty.


The City has an online registration system, which involves a $5 registration fee and providing current contact information for owners, those responsible for the property, and details for the property itself.




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