City opts to purchase vacant homes, then demolish those structures, to alleviate blight


Woonsocket, RI: Rather than only pushing for ordinance measures that might not have the desired effect, some vacant properties are likely to be demolished to allow for future development of the land.


Some 250 houses in the city are on the docket for potential demolishment, and efforts are likely to continue as the community remains vigilant in regard to blight alleviation and overall community beautification.


The City Council voted to set aside $475,000 in funds to begin purchasing and then tearing down properties seen to be problems, adding to some funds already set aside for the plan.


Community leaders believe the removal of the structures will provide opportunities for developers to invest and create new structures that will further the growth of the city; at the same time reducing the cost for the city to perform inspections and reducing the likelihood of criminal activity in the vacant buildings.


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