Vendor Management

The Ascent vendor management team has built a network of vendor partners who share our vision to deliver exceptional services. To be considered for our network companies must carry general liability and E&O insurances, as well as pass a rigorous interview process before work is ever received. Once vendors join our network they are graded and mentored to help our vendor partners succeed. Our collaborative approach delivers a consistent, quality vendor experience throughout the country.


Vendor Management Solution:


  • We manage a diverse, skilled network of pre-screened professionals through a competitive bidding process built to get all the bids you need to complete your project in a quality, detailed bid package.


  • Our vendors are scored on performance, turn-around times and pricing, as our team continually monitors the network for performance, and mentoring opportunities.


  • Our team of bid analysts review each estimate from the field to ensure quality and pricing. The team works directly with our vendor partners to establish deadlines and drive completion.


  • Client-focused delivery of services, creates positive, low-stress contractor management solution.