Foreclosed and vacant property registration ordinance approved for Topeka, KS

Topeka, KS: City Council has approved a foreclosed and vacant property registration ordinance for residential and commercial buildings.


The ordinance requires registration, for mortgage foreclosures and vacant buildings, within 10 days of the property becoming eligible or vacant, or within 10 days after assuming ownership of the property.


Registration must include current contact information for owners, current contact information responsible parties for the property’s upkeep (if the owners do not reside within 60 miles of City limits), and payment of a fee to be set by the City, not to exceed $500, per property.


Registration must be renewed semi-annually, with the cost set as the same as the initially established cost for the property, and the renewal due with 10 days of the previous registration’s expiration; any changes to any information in registration are due within 10 days of the change occurring.


Failure to register, maintain current information, or maintain the property to all requirements of City code can result in civil penalties of up to $250 per violation, with each violation constituting a separate offense; with citations to be issued every 30 days for offenses. Failure to resolve any civil penalty within 30 days will result in a lien against the property.




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