Trenton, NJ, increases vacant property registration ordinance fees to help offset City costs

Trenton, NJ: The City amended its vacant property registration ordinance, revising its fee schedule for annual registrations, to be effective immediately.

The ordinance, which begin Jan. 1, 2015, was created to assist the City with handling the costs brought on by abandoned and vacant property, while also hoping to reduce the ripple effects of health/safety risks from properties lacking maintenance and depressing land value in their neighborhoods.

The increased costs to vacant property registration was brought forth, per City statements, in “light of the disproportionate costs imposed on the City by the presence of these structures.”

The fees have changed to the following:
Initial Registration: $500 (was $250)
First Annual Renewal: $1,300 (was $400)
Second Renewal: $2,000 (was $750)
Third and Subsequent Renewals: $3,000 (was the greater of $1,000 or 5 percent of the assessed property value)

Owners must continue to maintain properties to City Code, and to have liability insurance for one-to-four-unit properties of $300,000 minimum, and minimum $1,000,000 for any other properties.

Owners still have 30 days from time of vacancy to register; or 30 days from time of gaining ownership of a vacant building, to register; or 10 days of official City notice, to register.




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