Spencer, MA, amended bylaws, added vacant property registration ordinance

Spencer, MA: A vacant property registration ordinance was approved by the City, amending their bylaws at the end of 2018, to take effect in 2019.

The amendment states each owner of a building that becomes vacant must register that building within 30 days, with the City.

Registration includes current contact information for the owners, and if the owner’s address is not in Massachusetts, then additional current contact information must be provided declaring a representative for all contact regarding the property, and that representative must reside in Massachusetts.

A $100 fee is due at the time of registration, and renewals for registration are due by Jan. 1 of each subsequent year. Failure to adhere to the registration timelines and requirements can result in fines of $100, with increasing costs for separate offenses and each day of an offense constituting a new offense.

The building must adhere to all City Codes for maintenance and upkeep, as well as monthly inspections to assess code compliance must be completed monthly by the owner or representative declared at registration.

Single-family residential properties actively listed for sale may be exempt from registration, if they are maintained monthly to all City Codes.




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