Winston, OR, new chronic disorderly property ordinance is now in effect

Winston, OR: The new ordinance for Abatement of Chronic Disorderly Properties has gone into effect this month, and will affect both occupied and vacant property within the City.

Ordinance No. 18-678 stipulates when law enforcement receive two or more reports documenting prohibited activity within 200 feet of the property, they may assess and label the property as becoming a “chronic disorderly property,” and contact the property owner and/or property designee for maintenance of the property.

The property owner will be required to contact the Police Chief within 10 days of notification, and present means to stop the prohibited activities from occurring, or face civil penalties.

A property labeled as “chronic disorderly” that does not resolve the issue can be issued penalties of up to $100 per day, for each prohibited activity found or reported.

Should a fourth report of prohibited activities occur, legal proceedings will be undertaken, along with additional notice to the property owner and posting to the property.

During such legal proceedings, the City may ask for closure and securing of the property from access and occupation, and civil penalties against any and all entities in charge of the property.

Prohibited activities can include reports of: harassment / intimidation / assault, prostitution, littering, trespassing, theft and vandalism, controlled substance use / distribution / creation, and other disorderly conduct.




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