Signs on vacant property in Sterling Heights must be registered with the city, registration good for 90 days

Sterling Heights, MI: Following a revision to the city ordinance, temporary signs placed on vacant property will be subject to registration with the city as of August.

The change comes with attempts to move city code in line with federal code regarding sign regulation.

Sign registration, which can be filled out via an online form, needs to provide the registrant's name, contact information for the entity placing the sign, sign dimensions, sign description, property owner contact information, and certification of permission from the property owner for the entity installing the sign to install that sign.

A sign’s registration will be valid for 90 days from when the form is submitted, or 90 days from a specified date provided during registration; sign placement cannot occur before the specified date.

A given sign on vacant residential property is allotted 9 sq. ft. of total temporary signage, with no individual sign measuring larger than 3 sq. ft.

Non-registration of a sign, or sign placement longer than the 90 days allotted, can result in city removal of the sign and potential fines.




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