Vacant property registration program given green light by Sutherlin City Council

Sutherlin, OR: City Council voted Monday in favor of enacting a vacant property registration program to help curb associated crime and property decline.


The ordinance states, “Immediately upon default of the borrower, a lender shall perform an inspection of the property that is the security for the real estate loan agreement. If the property is found to be vacant or shows evidence of vacancy, the lender shall, within ten (10) days of the inspection, register the property with the City Manager or designee … This ordinance also applies to properties that have been the subject of a foreclosure sale where title has transferred from one lender to another lender; and a property transferred under a deed in lieu of foreclosure.”


If a property is occupied but remains in default, it must be inspected monthly until the default is remedied or if evidence of vacancy is established.


There will be no fee to register properties, but if a property is not registered within the 10 days or if the property falls into non-compliance with city codes, a fine of up to $500 per day can be levied against the owner.




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