Russell, KS, vacant property registration ordinance nears its 6-month marker since approval

Russell, KS: The newly created vacant property registration ordinance instigated by the City is underway, and nearing its first landmark for the 6-month tally since approval and for City notifications of vacancy.

The ordinance requires vacant and abandoned property to be registered with the City within 20 days of notification, notification triggering when the property has been vacant for 6 months or greater based on City inspection and determination.

Notice is issued by the City via a letter sent by U.S. Postal Service, and by notification posted by an official for the City onto the property itself.

Registration requires current contact information for the owner and a responsible entity for the property that lives in Russell County, as well as a plan to return the property to occupancy and/or to have it actively marketed per City guidelines; properties being actively marketed may have their registration fees waived.

Initial registration is $50 and is good for 6 months. At the 6-month point any vacant property must be re-registered with a revised plan for active marketing and/or returning it to occupancy, as well paying a $250 re-registration fee for residential property and $500 fee for commercial property to last for one year.

Failure to register or re-register, and submit all needed plans and current contact information, can result in fines from $250 to $500 per property. Failure to maintain any property within City Code can result in additional fines and actions by the City to maintain health and safety.




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