Lewiston, ME, approves multi-unit residential property registration ordinance with zero cost for registration

Lewiston, ME: City Council has approved a multi-unit property registration ordinance, to take effect Jan. 1, 2020.


Per the ordinance, a multi-family property involves residential dwellings with 3 or greater units, excluding boarding or lodging houses and other buildings licensed separately by the City or State of Maine.


Registration details must include current contact information for the owners and the representatives in charge of the property’s upkeep, number of units and current occupied or vacant status, and details regarding the building itself and its safety features.


In addition to registration, all units are subject on-site inspections of the building, by the City, and must be maintained to City Code. Failure to allow inspections will result in revocation of the building's registration.


Initial registration and renewals are due by March 1 of each year, and any property not registered initially or renewed on time is subject to civil fines and penalties, as well as those unregistered properties are not eligible for any City assistance or incentive programs and will be prioritized for inspections.


Any changes to registration information previously supplied that occur greater than 30 days of the annual registration renewal must be submitted within 15 days of its occurrence.


A registration certificate will be provided with all accepted registrations, and that certificate or a copy of it must be posted, and remain posted, in close proximity to the main entrance of the structure, in an area easily accessible to tenants.


Violations of any part of the ordinance can result in fines. The suggested fine schedule is: $50 for the first month or portion of a month the property is not registered, $100 for the 2nd – 6th month, and $200 per month or month portion in excess of 6 months; with an additional $100 fee for violations of other requirements of the ordinance, per offense.




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